• Why should we choose Patriot Floor Surfacing to refinish our hardwood floors? The owner of Patriot Floor Surfacing  has over 15 years of experience sanding and refinishing hardwood floors in south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We understand that our customers satisfaction is the most important aspect of the job and we strive to complete each job with the finest quality workmenship possible.
  • My hardwood floors are old and they look like they are in rough shape. Can they really look good again?  Yes.  Many  D.I.Y. programs will tell you  that you need new floors installed because your old ones will never look good again. It's just not true. We will sand your floors back to bare wood. Then we will stain them the color of your choice. Finally we coat your floors with polyurethane  make them look beautiful again.


 My floor has some water  stains. Can they be sanded out ? If not what can you do ? Some stains will sand out but others will not.  There is no way to tell how deep a stain goes. We won't be able to tell until we start sanding. If the stains do not come out we can use a dark color floor stain  to make the stains less noticable.


How long does the process take? Depending upon the size of the job the whole process usually takes between 3 to 5 days.


How long after the final coat is applied can I get back on the floors? Most of the time you can begin to carefully use the floors the next day. Furniture can be placed on the floor at that time as well.


What kind of finish do you use? The polyurethane we typically use is an oil based polyurethane product. We  also use water based polyurethane products upon customer request  .


What is the refinishing process.

1. First we do  several sandings to remove the old finish and create a smooth, uniform surface. Some areas such as corners nosings and between spindles must be hand scraped and hand sanded.  

2. Some floors require a light sanding that is done using a floor buffer,

3. Next we vacuum the floors. 

4. If you choose to add color with  stain we will apply the stain then remove the excess to give the most uniform finish possible.  ( When we stain the floor we typically give it a full day to dry, as recommended by the manufacturer).

5. We apply the primer and let the floor dry over night.

6. The following two days we apply the last two coats. In some cases a fourth coat is applied




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