Hardwood Floors.

Installed, Repaired,Sanded, Stained,and Refinished.

  • Our service area Includes:

  • SouthEastern


  • Boston area, and
  • Rhode Island


  •  Our customers and job sites   


- Private Home Owners.


- Building contractors.


- Realty/Property Managment  



- Private and Public schools.


- Resturants,Banquet halls,

  And Country clubs.


- Manufacturing Facilities and



- Commercial Properties.




About Us



           Why Should you choose  us?

Patriot Floor Surfacing is a family owned and operated Inc. We believe that being a Family owned and operated Inc. gives us the ability to better anticipate the needs of our customers and their families during the refinishing process. One of our best qualities is our ability to communicate effectively with our customers to promote a relaxed stress free experience.  Our focus is on giving each customer the highest qualit job from start to finish. 


Our owner Luke Biello started  resurfacing hardwood floors in  1996. Since graduating from Diman Regional Vocational High school  In 2000 he  spent the better part of 13 years  refinishing hardwood floors with a local company that operated from for more than 60 years.  

In 2013 the Biello family opened Patriot Floor Surfacing. Our employees are trained professionals who take pride in their work.

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